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Herbs, wine and nature - the right ingredients for your vacation 24.08.19 - 07.09.19
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Herbal recipes

At Herbal Hotel Zischghof you will be able to enjoy tasty traditional South Tyrolean food

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Herbal wellness treatments

Get massaged with various essential oils by our masseur GErd and find complete relaxation:

Monday to Saturday from 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm
We gladly accept your registration at the reception.
In order to ensure you’ll get the desired appointment, we kindly ask you to book it as soon as possible.

All our massages are based on the following 3-theme-concept:

  • Soothing – to find inner calm
  • Relaxing – for pure relaxation during your holidays
  • Invigorating – to stimulate the blood circulation

Depending on the selection of herbs contained in the massage oil you can choose the type of massage most fit to your wishes and needs. All our products possess strongly anti-oxidizing properties thanks to their composition, and are therefore ideal to protect the skin. They consist of purely organic plant oils in combination with 100 % natural essences.

Inner balance: calm and serenity

Enjoy the warming effects of St. John’s wort oil. Mental as well as muscular tensions will dissolve completely. In addition, there are the relaxing properties of lavender, tangerine and grapefruit which will lend you calm and serenity.

Relaxation and wellbeing:

At the base of this wonderful massage lies organic calendula oil which is particularly apt to protect the sensitive skin. Enriched by essences of Swiss stone pine, spruce, citrus fruits and vanilla, it helps smooth the inner rhythm of body and soul.

Draw strength from our massages – for the empowerment of mind and body

Experience the stimulating effect of arnica and the pure essential oils of juniper, rosemary and cypress. Their warmth and inspiring components will provide you with perfect inner balance.

Massage with aromatic oils:

This soft massage with aromatic oils facilitates the body’s blood circulation and has a positive effect on both body and soul. Additionally, it contributes to re-establish the regular flow of energies. Depending on which scents are used, it can have either a stimulating or a calming effect.

  • partial 25 min
  • Euro 36,00
  • whole body 55 min
  • Euro 62,00
  • whole body 80 min
  • Euro 89,00

Head, face and neck massage:

A massage which stimulates particular points and nerve areas. It frees the head and the neck from tensions and liberates your thoughts. Let yourself go and enjoy it.

  • 25 min
  • Euro 36,00

Foot reflexology:

Certain areas on the foot soles can be associated with determinate body regions, since they are connected with the organs through the nerve codes. By stimulating those plantar areas through massage, the whole body and those particular organs are activated.

  • 25 min
  • Euro 39,00
  • 55 min
  • Euro 62,00

Healing massage after Breuss:

This empathetic manual-energetic back massage was developed by Rudolf Breuss with the intention to loosen different body tensions. It includes a strengthening of the spinal cord, dissolving thus the blocked energy gathered there.

  • 25 min
  • Euro 36,00

Herbal stamp massage:

For this whole body massage hot compresses filled with herbs are used. The technique involves short beats which alternate with slow, gliding strokes, rubbings and circular movements along the meridians. It has a cleansing and anticonvulsant effect and nourishes the skin. Highly recommendable when you are tired or have sore muscles.

  • partial 25 min
  • Euro 42,00
  • whole body 55 min
  • Euro 69,00
Herbal Hotel

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Herbal Hotel Zischghof

Read many interesting news about the Zischghof in our herb-blog.

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