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Discover the mighty Dolomites

Vacations in the UNESCO World Heritage site

In 2009, the big moment arrived: UNESCO decided to include the Dolomites in their list of World Heritage sites. With its unique shapes and location, the Dolomites are a truly unique nature spectacle and thoroughly deserve this status.

This great honour, however, is also a challenge for the locals - they must try to preserve this unique natural and cultural heritage for future generations.

What is it that makes vacations in the Dolomites so special?
  • The resort includes a total of eight nature parks and one National Park.
  • Approximately 13,000 kilometres of signposted hiking trails can be found in the Dolomites.
  • In the local valleys, many still speak Ladin, an ancient Rhaeto-Romance language which once was widely used in the Alps.
  • The rough, jagged rock formations in the Dolomites developed from coral reefs that used to be underwater in the Panthalassa Sea.
  • Many myths and legendary tales speak of the "pale mountains", their clear lakes and the way the summits are reflected in the purple evening light.


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